Monday, February 14, 2011

A Secret Love Affair

Confession. I like cooking...but I LOVE baking!

Quick example. Right now I have 4 baking books in sight and I am not even in my kitchen. I'm in my bedroom. Seriously though recipes make for excellent bed time stories...

I find baking to be a great stress reliever, creative outlet and it makes for lovely gifts to boot! 

Here are a few images of some of my baking supplies and cookies I made recently for a bake sale at school. 

Happy Valentine's Day to you and whatever/whoever it is that you love.

sugar...or maybe it was salt

Nesting doll measuring cups

The secret ingredient is...magic

Mini ginger bread hearts


  1. I LOVE YOUR MEASURING CUPS! Haha, how do they work though? I don't understand where the measuring happens lol

  2. They all come apart at the middle and the measurement is embossed on the bottom on the inside of the cup :)