Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flash, Css, and HTML...Oh My!

For an assignment in my multimedia class we need to design a fully functional website. This means venturing into the territory of Dreamweaver and Flash not to mention the coinciding code. At times when I am working on this assignment I feel like I have developed a form of temporary turrets where I randomly yell mild obscenities at my computer. But I must say that it is also a good test of patience, something that I could always use more of, and once you know what you are doing it can even be, dare I say 

While on my website adventure I am going to be (well I am going to be making a solid effort anyway) to make subtle changes to the blog to make it flow nicely with my website and make this blog a bit more interesting/fun. 

In the mean time keep you eyes peeled for changes and new additions and wish me luck on this new adventure :)

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