Sunday, February 27, 2011

Library and Archives Canada

This past week I completed the first half of my field placement at the preservation center for Library and Archives Canada. It was such a wonderful experience. I got to use some amazing equipment and got to spend my time with even more amazing people. I spent the week scanning negatives and photographs, taking images of books, scanning maps, completing work orders, touring the building and getting to know the employees. Maggie McDonald (a previous Algonquin grad) was our mentor for the week. She was such a positive and dedicated person. There was never a dull moment and she made sure that our time there was well spent. I am looking forward to returning for another week in April. For now here are some images from the past week. 

The exterior of the building is made of glass - makes for a beautiful view from the top floor

It is designed as a "building within a building" concept. With the exterior of glass on the interior is concrete. To the left of this image encase in cement is the vaults. This double enclosure helps maintain the proper temperature within the vaults.

The ventilation in the building is a work or art itself.

These stairs were originally designed purely for decorative purposes. The yellow beams were added later for support so that they could be used my employees.

On the fifth floor is where all the offices and studios are. There are many sections on the 5th that range from audio visual, book conservation/restoration, photography and restoration, art conservation/restoration. Each area has it own mini building on the 5th.

Maggie and Liz having some fun in the theater.

The lovely Liz and I :) (photo credit Maggie McDonald)

Lunch area complete with umbrellas to help block the sun.

A standard studio set up

One of the Hasselblads. We were pretty excited when we got to use this!

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