Saturday, March 26, 2011

Final Portfolio

Yesterday I handed in my final portfolio which is one of the last steps in the completion of the Photography Program at Algonquin College. The past week has consisted of 12hr+ days at school, average 5hr or less of sleep at night, coffee, coffee, coffee followed by the occasional cup of coffee, poor diet, over heating computer, printing frustration and topped off with some of the funniest most memorable moments that I have had with the people in my program. 

When I handed in my portfolio I though I would have the "thank God that's over with" moment. But to my surprise I had mix feelings about the whole thing. I am proud of myself for my accomplishment but in a way I am also going to miss the mayhem along with the teachers who have provided help and encouragement over the past two years.

For friends (outside of the program) and family who have not seen or heard from me in the past few weeks. This is what I have been up to. And to fellow classmates who have endured the stress, craziness and all things wonderful in the past few years congratulations to you! Be proud of your work and what you have accomplished. 

My theme is Religion and Culture. The blog doesn't do the images justice. Come check out the real deal on May 2nd at the Exhibition at Algonquin College (details will follow soon).

self Portrait

Self Directed

Self Directed

Self Directed

Consumer Portrait

Environmental Portrait

Food Layout

Self Directed

Creative Ad

Movie Poster

Architecture Layout
*some images have been omitted due to agreements on model releases*

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